Sunday, March 6, 2011

6 Tips for Packing Carry- On

Last March I travelled to Paris for a week with a group to enjoy art and architecture. About a month before we left, I was mortified to learn that our tour leader preferred we took carry-on to avoid any lost luggage issues upon arrival in Paris. Yikes!!! My first reaction was to ignore the request - maybe he was kidding- I was assured he wasn't and so I could only take it as a challenge and a learning experience. Through trial and error and advice from others, these would be my 6 tips to packing carry-on for a week's vacation in a temperate climate in spring:

1. Select one basic colour of clothing......probably black is the easiest to work with......besides what you wear on the plane, bring another pr. of pants and a skirt (same colour as pants). To coordinate, bring 2 shirts, 1 long-sleeved T - shirt, 1 light sweater, 1 vest (I have a great one that I bought year's ago from Ann Fontaine that can be dressed up or down). Wear a raincoat on the plane along with a jacket or cardigan.

2. Roll each piece of clothing to pack. *** this is the best tip - who knew!

3. Bring at least 3 scarves to provide a colour boost, one significant piece of costume jewellery, and a travel umbrella.

4. Count on using the hotel's toiletries instead of packing any and edit your makeup case. All liquids need to go in ziplock bag that you'll put in the tote (see #5).

5. Bring an over-your-shoulder tote onto the plane that can accommodate your handbag/purse, Ipad, e-tickets, headphones, camera, sunglasses, and zip-lock bag with toiletries. I always bring a black pashmina in my tote as an extra layer.

6. Pack a foldable tote bag to stash any purchases. I like the largest size Longchamp bag. You may have to end up checking this on the way home, but it will be worth it if you happen upon some just-can't-live-without shopping items.

Here's my stylish friend's carry-on luggage - by Tumi.

Here's mine...... Alfred Sung - ancient but it worked......